Spring Sprint Triathlon 2017

Crushed my first Triathlon, never participating before, and couldn't be more stoked! I had written down "Become a Triathlete" on my 2017 goals, with no time training on a bike or swimming under my belt, and simply put that goal into my subconscious and it manifested faster than I had imagined. Just a few months ago I could barely swim 4-5 laps without being exhausted, and my first experience with a road bike and cycling shoes, I fell over having difficulty clipping out of my cleats. I didn't let that hinder me, and I kept going. After placing 35th overall in my division (never thought I would be even close to that), I learned that we have a tendency of underestimating what we are capable of accomplishing. To simply "JUST DO IT", commit and believe in yourself, can yield such amazing results if you just focus on on your ultimate goal and never stop. Cheers to my first triathlete and excited for much more to come. Next off is another half marathon and then a half Iron Man. Next goal? Become a sponsored athlete. It's in my sight and I won't let down until it's accomplished. 3 years ago, I was suffering from severe ulcerative colitis flares, was overweight and could barely run a mile. Now, my UC is in remission and am in the best mental, physical and spiritual shape of my life. If I can do it, you can too! Onward!