I finished two fantastic books in January. The first was "The Go Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann and "Ego is The Enemy" by Ryan Holiday. Both I can easily apply to my own life immediately, and the 3000 + 4.5-star reviews on Amazon certainly helped my decision to read these as well. For me, I like to bespoke elements from books and apply them to my own life with what works best for me. Not everyone functions the same, so it is good to take these applications and use them how they work best in your adventures to becoming a "better you". The Go Giver and Ego is The Enemy had parallels that we can all apply. Dropping the Ego. The Go Giver was a business parable, whereas Ego is The Enemy was a straight forward self help book. Each book tackles how Ego essentially can be compared to a cancer; robbing you from your biggest potential. I recommend picking both up and giving them a read. Changed my life! Onward!