3 Crucial Steps You Must Take to Create the Strongest Version of Yourself – Elliott Hulse

When I face daily challenges, I always remember these 3 Steps by Elliott Hulse to Create the Strongest Version of Myself. Here they are for you to inspire yourself as well!

1. Understand that purposeful adversity and suffering leads to greatness

Part of the human experience is pain.  Don’t let anybody tell you differently.  Anything that is worth doing in life will be challenging. Get up off your couch and take on a 10k or a triathlon, or even pick up a class or hit a book!

“When you participate in purposeful suffering, your happiness level actually rises.” – Joe De Sena

2. Realize that your past mistakes cannot dictate the quality of your future

Don’t let other people’s perception of you be the excuse that you use to avoid going for your dreams. Empower yourself to believe that you are capable of this as well and write yourself a permission slip! Past mistakes were made by an entirely different person. These mistakes were made by a person full of uncertainty, doubt, regret, and devoid of purposeful direction.

“The only way to get out of mediocrity is to keep shooting for excellence.” – Eric Thomas

3. Recognize that patience and persistence are the key ingredients to lasting success

Thanks to social media it is very easy to believe that success came overnight for so many of the flashy and beautiful individuals that you see on the Instagram recommend page.  Nothing in life that is worthwhile comes easily. If you want to be successful you need to get out there, put yourself in positions where you push yourself to see the long term as opposed to the conflict in the moment. Success is persistence and patience. Challenges are an inevitable. “My obstacles don’t define me, my goals do.”

“You are not patient enough. Your lack of patience is killing you.” – Gary Vaynerchuk