Silver Strand Half-Marathon

Had an absolute blast running the Silver Strand Half Marathon. The 13.1 mile scenic run was super flat and paralleled the beautiful ocean from Sunset Park in Coronado to the Imperial Beach Pier. The Hotel Del Coronado made a cameo on the initial opening leg of the run. It was amazing!  I took a different approach to this race. I decided to train very slow and minimal. I monitored my heart and pace early on and finished strong by using the energy I conserved for the first 9k and hitting the gas pedal my last 4 miles. I kept a 9min pace for the first 10k, and pushed for a sub 7min pace for the remaining mileage. It proved effective. I could’ve edged a faster pace earlier on, but felt like I could’ve maintained that pace for much longer. Not bad for 4hrs of sleep! I'm looking forward to the Carlsbad marathon. This race proved to me that I'm conditioned both mentally and physically to handle a marathon and really go for it. It's crazy how maps are created in the brain. Once you complete one goal or distance, a map is created permanently and provides navigation towards the next goal. For this run, I knew I could complete the mileage and had done it many times before, so it felt like cruise control thanks to creating that map. I need a 26.2 mile map now to to continue the momentum. Overall, a fantastic experience. If I can impart any advice; TRAIN SLOW!