XTERRA Wetsuits Mission Bay Triathlon

I did it! I completed the SD Tri-Series! It was a huge accomplishment considering it was my first attempt at completing a race series, and well, being a triathlete hehe. I was really impressed with my overall time, hitting a new PR in each block. I was particularly impressed with my run time after biking 18miles. I can attribute that success to staying hydrated and also the Nike Zoom Vaprofly 4%. It's crazy what you can accomplish when establishing a goal. I put the right habits into place, locked in the patterns of success by modeling other triathletes and their training programs, and never gave up. I'm proud of myself! If you need help with establishing a workout routine that guides you to your first race. Feel free to hit me up! I have created a program that has me in the best physical and mental shape of my life. Onto IronMan!!! Onward!