My boys <3.

I love my guys. Their smiles shine as bright as the their hearts of Gold. How did we get so lucky?


February Book Club!

Just wrapped up Amy Morins "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do" and highly suggest this book! It is a fantastic psychological guidebook to help you improve your mental strength and emotional resilience, taking the approach of what someone who is 'emotionally and mentally strong' and intelligent WOULD NOT do, as opposed to what they currently do. A few examples would be 'people please' or concern themselves with the past. Great book and very glad I read it! Onward onto my next reading adventure!


Henry Thomas

It's a rare thing to idolize a character from an iconic movie as a kid, in this Case "Elliott" from 'E.T.', and actually hang with that person later in, you're funny :). 



I finished two fantastic books in January. The first was "The Go Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann and "Ego is The Enemy" by Ryan Holiday. Both I can easily apply to my own life immediately, and the 3000 + 4.5-star reviews on Amazon certainly helped my decision to read these as well. For me, I like to bespoke elements from books and apply them to my own life with what works best for me. Not everyone functions the same, so it is good to take these applications and use them how they work best in your adventures to becoming a "better you". The Go Giver and Ego is The Enemy had parallels that we can all apply. Dropping the Ego. The Go Giver was a business parable, whereas Ego is The Enemy was a straight forward self help book. Each book tackles how Ego essentially can be compared to a cancer; robbing you from your biggest potential. I recommend picking both up and giving them a read. Changed my life! Onward!



I designed some merch for my band Chasing Claymores. I'm pretty stoked on how it turned out! Dad hat, short sleeve, and long sleeve tee's available soon on our site. Available now at any shows we may have however :).



Cooking up some new tunes! It was my first time recording on an acrylic kit. I was worried the tones would resonate too much, but, I was wrong. With a little muffling, they sounded AMAZING! Stoked to share the song when it's out!




Bucket List ✅. In this very spot, 31 years ago, during the summer of ‘86, One of my favorite movies of all-time was filmed; “The Lost Boys”. I’ll forever be a fan of the Corey’s, Kiefer Sutherland, Alex Winter and Jason Patric aka “Michael”. Those darn Vampires! “Death by Stereo!” Legendary surf too. What an epic day/trip/time to be alive. ONWARD!



The intro was filmed in this spot...too cool...


It's beginning to look a lot like...



I came across this industry spotlight article I did some time ago and thought I would share. It gives some insight into what it's like to work in the Fashion industry. I'm very thankful for my time at Tillys. Working for a publicly owned big-box retailer is a unique experience and changes the overall approach to developing seasons and product based on a bigger scale and more eclectic demographic. It was fun, and also busy. I definitely learned a lot!


Silver Strand Half-Marathon

Had an absolute blast running the Silver Strand Half Marathon. The 13.1 mile scenic run was super flat and paralleled the beautiful ocean from Sunset Park in Coronado to the Imperial Beach Pier. The Hotel Del Coronado made a cameo on the initial opening leg of the run. It was amazing!  I took a different approach to this race. I decided to train very slow and minimal. I monitored my heart and pace early on and finished strong by using the energy I conserved for the first 9k and hitting the gas pedal my last 4 miles. I kept a 9min pace for the first 10k, and pushed for a sub 7min pace for the remaining mileage. It proved effective. I could’ve edged a faster pace earlier on, but felt like I could’ve maintained that pace for much longer. Not bad for 4hrs of sleep! I'm looking forward to the Carlsbad marathon. This race proved to me that I'm conditioned both mentally and physically to handle a marathon and really go for it. It's crazy how maps are created in the brain. Once you complete one goal or distance, a map is created permanently and provides navigation towards the next goal. For this run, I knew I could complete the mileage and had done it many times before, so it felt like cruise control thanks to creating that map. I need a 26.2 mile map now to to continue the momentum. Overall, a fantastic experience. If I can impart any advice; TRAIN SLOW!